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by admin on 2019年10月4日

I was so excited to see this movie and I was really disappointed. It was
a horrible movie! The story line seemed to move to quickly and was very
predictable, everything was too unrealistic without even a hint of
reality, and (with the exception of the main character)

      Amid the chaos of the second half of the movie, there’re two
torturing scenarios for me.

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This movie was better than I expected it to be.
Hides was a boring evil Grecian God, Zeus was slow and he needed more
character, more God attitute, Medusa needed to be more presence. The
movie just felt Flat and not as exciting

      The first one came up soon after the group of decipherists
decrypted the Enigma when Turing dampened all his team’s excitement by
impeding Peter’s attempt to save his big brother who happened to serve
on that royal ship, one of the targets in light of the first telegraph
they’d unravelled. They were put in a position to break the Enigma and
also in a much more tough position to keep an eternal secret having
already broken the Enigma in the best interest of the Allied Forces’
victory. So, you made judgment, not for yourself; you made a choice, not
for yourself. You’re empowered with everything to make you a God whilst
losing everything that make you who you are. It ain’t sacrifice,
whatsoever. It is murder, invisible murder, with most miraculous brains
and most ethical mercy behind the scene. It seemed unfair that Turing
was designated to be that God, that monster in face of God. Much of
dedication and commitment, so how could you even imagine her name is

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      The second one fell upon Turing and Miss Clark, after Turing was
threatened with Clark’s security and prosperity for an ulterior motive
for a mathmetician, the Spy affair. Anyway, the “homosexual” part was
far less effective than he had expected, I guess, for Miss Clark. She’s
such an unordinary woman to love such an unorinary man. The most
impressing words from Clark: “But we’re not like other people. We love
each other in our own way.” Love is made a highly pure and noble
mind-to-mind connection and at this moment I love Clark—this character,
more than ever. So the man who’s really tortured is not me, not
audience, it should be Turing, who would still send a cold-blooded
rejection after he h’d been convulsed and flooded with Clark’s
affection. That’s what made me really hurt.

“In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a
hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the
world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being
pursued by dark forces.” – IMDb

       So much else to say.
澳门美高梅手机版,       Just recommend it, personally.


My love for Marvel and superhero movies are big, and this one was one I
was very excited for. Once again Marvel succeeding in making an amazing
movie with an interesting plot and phenomenal acting. Even though the
movie was 2h and 17min, it didn’t fell like it was that long. There was
always something happening, and it made sense. It wasn’t too slow or too
quick. This Wolverine movie had a completely different tone than the
others did. It was way darker, and you got to see a more vulnerable side
of Logan. It was also the most violence X-men movie up until now, and I
must say that it made it way more interesting. In some way, I believe
that it is just what I had waited for, and it was done in a “humble”
way. (If that makes sense)



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